Your company is getting bigger.

Your employees will soon be managers. Your managers will be department heads. And new recruits will be the face of your business to customers. How prepared is your workplace for what’s next?

The workplace is only human.

And people problems require a personal solution. I consult directly with managers and teams so they can get greater clarity of purpose, bounce back quickly from mistakes, grow at the speed of the company, and maintain the culture that drew them there in the first place.

Grow Gracefully

Change can be daunting. I’ll help you decide where to add resources and how to structure your team so you can get bigger and better while maintaining the culture that makes your company great.

Prepare Leaders

New managers need a framework within which to build their skills, and high-potential employees need to understand how to navigate the path upward. I’ll help you prepare your leaders with individual and team coaching that equips them to access their future capabilities now.

Understand Team Dynamics

Small conflicts can become major problems, even in a great workplace like yours. I lean on the immensely beneficial Birkman Method to help your employees understand why it’s normal for perceptions to differ and how they can treat one another the way they need to be treated.


Hire me to help you:

  • Refine structure and operations
  • Scale customer support and its processes
  • Coach leaders
  • Prepare your staff to grow
  • Understand team dynamics using the Birkman Method
  • Tailor an advisory program addressing your team's critical challenges

Here from SupConf?

I hope you enjoyed my talk on managing the conversation around resourcing and how to build a basic headcount model to better inform those discussions. You can find a google doc version of that model right here. If you have questions or if you'd like help customizing the model for your team, please reach out or use the contact form below.

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